Typical pro cap, to put money ahead of an animals well being. According to me, no amount of money will stop me from SAVING any animal and I will never stop.

"You want to free the whales? GO FOR IT. And good luck to you :) Have fun paying for that! It costs at least $15 million to “save” one killer whale. Good luck with over 22 and also the dolphins!"

List of orcas that have died 100% because of captivity. You can say what you want about how many wild orcas die or that this and that is natural. That’s all bull. These orcas would have been to live longer lives if it weren’t for captivity.

You say wild captures was a long time ago and you don’t support it anymore? The entire captive orca industry was started from wild captures. If you support captivity, you support wild captures.

You say SeaWorld never caught wild orcas? They were told by name to get out of Washington to stop the captures. They also PAID for the orcas they acquired from different areas. They did not rescue any of them. They paid the people who caught the orcas. They might as well have captured them all themselves.

And they still harp on Keiko’s “failed” release. They say the wild killed him but in the next breath say captivity didn’t kill any of these orcas… Righhhhht

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    Wild orcas are still being captured. Just look at Russia.
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    /sarcasm Well what do you know… that age old question “How Much Is A Life Worth?” is finally answered. /sarcasm
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    That’s what I want to know.
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    If you have the time to look through this I want you to look at the ages, some of them don’t make it a year, and also on...
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    $15 million to “save one killer whale”? Where did this number come from?
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  11. foreveroceandeep said: The unknown cases=killed by captivity. So sad.
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